Cuddle Time

“Perspectives from the Heart”

Cuddle Time

          Have you ever heard of “Cuddle Time?”  That is the time set aside by a husband and wife where they, kind of hug, and say lovely, mushy things to one another.  It is time spent together in intimacy.  “Cuddle time” helps develop the relationship.  Our relationship with God is no exception.  We must spend “cuddle time” with the Lord if we are to survive in this world.

          If “cuddle time” is not considered a must, there will be an almost endless list of reasons as to why it cannot be done…

”By the time I get everybody off to school in the morning and

myself to work, there’s no time left.”

“If you worked for the people I work for, and understood the demands they put on me, you would be a nervous wreck as well!”

“If you had my schedule, you wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

          In essence, all of the excuses say the same thing: “Sorry, Lord.  I just really cannot squeeze You in.”  As a result we race through another day spiritually and emotionally undone.

          Well, guess what?  If the corona-virus has done one thing, it has provided a lot of cuddle time for us.  While you and your spouse’s schedules have slowed down, and your kids are locked-out of school, take some time to cuddle.  Love, care, and spend this time together.  Oh, by the way, this might be a good time to cuddle with the Lord.  After-all you now have the time.

Interim Pastor – Dan

Hopewell Baptist Church

March 24, 2020